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DIY Nail Art Techniques

These days, lots of nail art techniques came in the market. Professional nail art designers create awesome nail art in few seconds and their creativity is unbeatable, but don't worry if you are a nail art freak and love to try by yourself.
There are lots of DIY nail art techniques those you can try at your home and create unique designs. You can combine different nail art techniques and create a mesmerizing nail art that will reflect your personality. After all, perfect manicure becomes a vital thing that enhances your personality.

DIY nail art techniques are quite easy and take 5-10 minutes. Also, these nail arts look perfect without any practice. Anyhow, some of them require a little practice and their results are amazing.

Stamping Nail Art

The stamping nail art technique is one of the easiest nail art technique. It allows an unprofessional to create detailed nail art designs at home. From floral design to intricate design to animal prints like leopard spots and zebra stripes. There are numerous options available to choose from for your nail art. A little practice is required to master this nail art technique.

Ombre (Sponge) Nail Art

As the name says, this nail art technique requires a small piece of sponge. The sponge nail art technique allows to create blends of two or more colors perfectly. It's a perfect technique for creating a gradient style nail art.

You can create a base of gradient nail and then combine it with different technique like stamping or free hand drawing.



Dotting Nail Art

Dotting Nail art technique requires a dotting tool or nail art pen to create perfect dots that looks similar. You can create different patterns, flowers, rows and lines with this technique. This nail art technique can also be combined with other nail art techniques like sponging, stamping or free hand.

This is one of the easiest nail art technique that you can learn as you try. Begin with some simple and easy designs and improve to make detailed complicated patterns.

Taping Nail Art

This is one of my favorite nail art techniques. You can use striping tapes and normal paper tapes for taping nail art technique. You can apply several nail polish colors with crisp and clear edges with this nail art.  This is the easiest method of nail art and anyone can do it with little or no practice.




Decals Nail Art

Basically, decal is not a nail art technique but these days it's become popular for DIY nail art. It is like stamping but quite easier than it. You can create pretty nail art with decal art art technique. You can buy decal transfer foils. They have different designs including floral, animal print etc.

Water Marble Nail Art

I just love water marble nail art technique. You can say I am freak for this technique as I had spent lots of time to learn this nail art technique and get perfection in it. When we watch tutorials on YouTube for water marbling that looks so easy. Nail paints spread easily and designing with tooth pick also look so flawless, but it was not my first experience. I tried so many times and left hoping that I will be able to learn this technique. 

I had spent lots of time online in searching to find where I did wrong. Then, I get to know few tips and tricks. 

  • If nail polish is not spreading then add a few drops of acetone or nail polish remover in water before nail paint drops.
  • You nail polish must be thin enough to drop easily and fast in the water.
  • Best work with new nail polishes.

Free Hand Nail Art

Free hand nail art technique requires some practice and proper nail art brushes for professional looking nails art. You can draw flowers, patterns etc. with this technique.