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Nail Care Tips

Proper nail care becomes more important especially when you get into regular nail art. Nails are the canvas of of manicure and nail art, and they are natural. So, you have to take proper care for them.

In the beginning, you will change your nail art design for a few times but later on it will become more frequent. This will cause regular exposure of your nails with nail polish remover. With the time this will badly affect your nails and your nails become weak and yellow pale permanently.
How To Stop Nail Biting

Nail biting habit is more common among kids, but elders are not far away from this habit. Even elders use to bite their nails. It's more common when they are thinking about something or stressed. Kids get into this habit from their peer group or friends around them. This habit develops with time and continues when they get older.
It sounds quite difficult to get rid of this nail biting habit. Even if people manage to get off from this habit, they will start biting their nails after a few days or weeks. There are several ways to stop biting nails. Let's start with few best methods.

Self help methods
There are some self help methods to stop nail biting habit. Anyhow, its not so effective method for some people as they can't stay away from biting nails too long. They will start biting nails within few months or a year.... continue

How To Maintain Acrylic Nails Long-term
Many women prefer acrylic nails because nails are not thick, long and strong. They are just short, weak and damaged due to day-to-day work. There is one more reason that's why women prefer acrylic nails i.e. you can easily decorate these nails. 

Anyhow, getting acrylic nails doesn't mean you are free from the obligation of taking care of your acrylic nails. You can't neglect your nails as it may result in fungi growth and nail splitting. Therefore, you have to follow some tips to keep your acrylic nails look good and hygienic.

Always keep them dry
The worst enemy of your acrylic nails is water. Not only it will shorter the life of your fake nails, but also become the reason to grow bacteria and fungi. Obviously, you don't want these things on your hands. So, you have to keep your nails as much dry as you can. You should prefer wearing gloves for household work. Also, dry your hands completely whenever your hands get wet... continue

How To Properly File Your Nails: Tips and Tricks

A proper shape of your nails is very crucial as it frames the canvas for your manicure and nail art. It's important that you file your nails properly before painting them. It is one of the basic DIY manicurist’s steps. 

Selecting a right nail filer
First of all, you should select a flexible and easy to go nail filer. Emery boards nail filers are inexpensive and kinder to your nails. They are a perfect choice for you if you have brittle nails. Metal nail files are too harsh and cause chipping and peeling if used wrongly.

Clip your nails
You can soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes. It will help in easy and proper clipping of your nails because soaking in warm water can make your nails soft. Keep the length of your nails a bit longer than desired while clipping so that you may have enough length to shape them.

Select right nail shape
Mainly, there are five types of common shapes of nails. They are as follows:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Squoval (square+oval)
  • Almond or pointed... continue