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How To Stop Biting Nails

Nail biting habit is more common among kids, but elders are not far away from this habit. Even elders use to bite their nails. It's more common when they are thinking about something or stressed. Kids get into this habit from their peer group or friends around them. This habit develops with time and continues when they get older.
It sounds quite difficult to get rid of this nail biting habit. Even if people manage to get off from this habit, they will start biting their nails after a few days or weeks. There are several ways to stop biting nails. Let's start with few best methods.

Self help methods
There are some self help methods to stop nail biting habit. Anyhow, its not so effective method for some people as they can't stay away from biting nails too long. They will start biting nails within few months or a year.  
  • Sitting on hands: It sounds funny but yes, you can rid off from biting nails if you start siting on your hands whenever you feel the urge to bite nail. 

  • Gloves: You can wear gloves if you have a habit of nail biting. I know it will be difficult to wear gloves all the time, but it will be too good if you can develop this habit. It will help you to avoid biting nails.

  • Rubber Band: You can tie a rubber band on your wrist. Whenever you feel to bite nails, just pull the rubber band. You will think twice before biting your nails because of the pain you will feel due to the rubber band.
Hand cream and Nail polishes
There are nail polishes available in the market for nail biters. These nail polishes come in transparent color and terrible taste. I am sure, your nail biting habit will surely lose with this paint.
There are nail repairing creams available in the market. They will do wonder on your nails and heal cuticles with their natural ingredients.

What I personally recommend you

Well to be honest, there are lots of products and self help programs in the market but I will recommend this only. Even I had a nail biting habit but Stop Nail Biting Secrets helped me a lot. This program is just wonderful. Even I was fed up before trying this program. For more information Click Here!