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How To Maintain Acrylic Nails Long-term

Many women prefer acrylic nails because nails are not thick, long and strong. They are just short, weak and damaged due to day-to-day work. There is one more reason that's why women prefer acrylic nails i.e. you can easily decorate these nails.
Anyhow, getting acrylic nails doesn't mean you are free from the obligation of taking care of your acrylic nails. You can't neglect your nails as it may result in fungi growth and nail splitting. Therefore, you have to follow some tips to keep your acrylic nails look good and hygienic.

Always keep them dry
The worst enemy of your acrylic nails is water. Not only it will shorter the life of your fake nails, but also become the reason to grow bacteria and fungi. Obviously, you don't want these things on your hands. So, you have to keep your nails as much dry as you can. You should prefer wearing gloves for household work. Also, dry your hands completely whenever your hands get wet.

Use alcohol swab
You have to clean your acrylic nails with alcohol dipped cotton swab. It will keep away all dirt and bacteria from your nails. Anyhow, this can result in making your fake nails a little cloudy, but it is normal. You just need to apply clear coat in the morning (whenever required, not daily).

Do not use your acrylic nails as an opener or knife
Acrylic nails look quite strong and indestructible but they are not. Some women use their fake nails for opening tins or as a knife and then complaint for not long lasting nails. Acrylic nails are meant to enhance your look and beauty. So, please do not use them as a tool. And yes! Don't bite your acrylic nails as well.

Use antibacterial soap
Many women complaint that there fake nails are a victim of fungi and bacteria. They forget, that they were lenient while taking care of their nails. Bacteria can cause the discoloration of your nails for long term and even permanent. So, it's crucial that you prevent bacteria from taking place under your nails. The best thing you can do is to use an antibacterial hand wash or soap.

Do not try to remove acrylic nails yourself
You can easily remove your acrylic nails at home by keeping your finger tips in nail polish remover for a few minutes, but it is not recommended. Why take risk of damage to your real nails. Just go to and professional salon and let them do their job.

What to do if your fake nails get damage?
If you notice that your acrylic nail is started getting off or you accidentally break it, then you should visit nail art specialist to fix it as soon as possible. If you delay then there are more chances that bacteria grows on your real nail bed because there are more chances that water goes inside due to chipped, lifted or broken acrylic nail.

We know that clean and stylish nails say a lot about our personality. So, keep your personality and nails up to date..!!