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Monday, 19 December 2016

How to Apply Holographic Laser Silver Lace Transfer Foil Nail Art 2017

Hi girls!! today I am going to share a DIY nail art using transfer foil for nails. Few days back, I found some silver holographic laser lace transfer foils for nail art. These foils are really very beautiful with rainbow shine. I loved these so I planned to make a nail art tutorial on it.

How to apply transfer foil for nail art

Products needed:

  1. Nail polish color: Black
  2. Transfer foil glue
  3. Silver holographic laser transfer foil
  4. Global transfer foil glue
  5. Scissor (cutting transfer foil)
  6. Silver rainbow flat back pearls
  7. Quick dry top coat

Here is a Video Tutorial on How to Apply Holographic Laser Silver Lace Transfer Foil for Nail Art

Silver Nail Art

DIY nail art

Silver transfer foil nail art

Holographic laser transfer foil nail art

Black nail art

Transfer Foil for Nail Art

I hope you all liked my transfer foil for nail art. I will be back soon with more DIY nail art tutorials.