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Monday, 16 November 2015

Christmas Santa Water Slide Decal Nail Art

Today,I am going to share my nail art for Christmas. As I love water slide decals for nail art, I have brought some xmas water decals. You can also purchase these decals from ebay India.

Things required:
1. Nail polish: I have used white for base and mabelline red black polka dot topper.
2. Christmas water slide decals
3. Scissors
4. Water bowl at room temperature
5. Quick dry top coat
6. Tweezers

Step 1: I have applied white for the base of my nail art.

Step 2: Now, cut the required piece of water slide decal and keep it in water for 20-25 seconds.

Step 3: Take the piece of water slide decal out of water with tweezers and place it on your nails as required.

Step 4: Apply mabelline polka dot nail polish on the remaining nails. Apply two coats, if required.

Step 5: Finally, apply top coat to seal your nail art.

I did some more christmas water slide decal nail art and here they are:

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