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Monday, 3 March 2014

Day 6: Blue Glittery Nails

Our previous nail art was Pink Bubbly NailsFor Day 6 of my 30 Days Nail Art Challenge, I have planned for Blue Glittery Nails.

Things Required:

  1. Nail polish colors: Blue
  2. French manicure guide tips: C style
  3. Turquoise powder glitter
  4. Pink Hexagon flakes glitter
  5. Dotting tool (for applying hexagon flakes)
  6. Fan nail art brush for applying turquoise glitter
  7. Quick dry top coat

Steps for Blue Glittery Nails:
First of all, remove old nail polish with acetone-free nail polish remover.

Step 1: Apply C-style french manicure guide tips to create french manicure look easily. Leave ring finger nail as it is. I always apply something different on my ring finger nail to ring a unique look to my nails.

Step 2: Now, apply blue nail polish on only tips on other nails and cover full ring finger nail with same polish.

Step 3: Apply turquoise glitter with fan brush on your nails. You can keep a paper under your nails to save extra falling glitters. ;)

Step 4:  Forth step is to apply pink hexagon flakes on ring finger nail with dotting tool. You can carry big flakes easily with dotting tool.

Step 5: Final step is to cover your nail art with quick drying top coat. It will keep your nail art long lasting.

I hope you enjoyed my today's nail art tutorial. Tomorrow, I have planned for Silver Metallic Nails.