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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Day 18: Metallic Hexagon Flakes Nails

These days, a lot of amazing nail art products are available in market. We don't need to go to professional nail art saloons. One of these amazing nail art products is hexagon flakes. So, I have added Metallic hexagon flakes nail art in my 30 days nail art challenge.

Things required:

  1. Nail polish colors: Yellow
  2. Multi colored hexagon flakes: 1 mm and 3 mm size
  3. Quick dry top coat

Steps for Metallic Hexagon Flakes Nails

Step 1: Apply base coat before any colored nail polish. It protects our nails from getting stains and yellowness.

Step 2: Now, apply two coats of yellow nail polish.

Step 3: You can apply hexagon flakes on wet nail polish or apply a coat of clear nail polish. Nail art glue is another option available for sticking hexagon flakes.

Step 4: You can make several designs with hexagon flakes on your nails. I have made different design on all nails.

Step 5: Finally, apply top coat and your nail art is ready.

I hope you enjoyed my today's nail art tutorial. Tomorrow, I have planned for Golden Black Glitter Strips Nails.