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Thursday, 8 August 2013

A New Trial with Green Dotting Nail Art

Hey Folks, past few days I was quite busy and it was really difficult to get time and share new nail art tutorial with my friends. Previously,  I had shared my first experience with tribal nail art but these days, there was lots of work online and offline. Today, I got some time and a new idea for DIY nail art. These days I am trying to get perfection on the nail art dotting tool. I am trying to make a different nail art design and details with these tools. So, let us start today's nail art tutorial.
Green Dotting Nail Art

Things Required:

As I always say, we should collect all required things for our nail art at a place where we are going to work on our DIY Mani. Also, clean your nails and remove old nail polish. I always suggest my readers to use olive oil for massage of your nails. It makes our nails strong and healthy.

  1. Nail polish colors: Green, yellow, pink, white and dark green.
  2. Nail dotting tool. (I have brought from ebay India).
  3. Fast drying top coat.
  4. Rhinestones.
  5. Mix glitter.

Steps for Nail Art:

Step 1: I have applied bright green nail paint for the base of my nail art. I have used FACES nail paint. It is easily available online. Apply 2 coats of the base of your nail art and let it dry.

Step 2: Now, take a medium size nail dotting tool and make dots with white color for the center of your flower.

Step 3: Now, I took a one-number smaller nail dotting tool and made some dots with pink nail polish around white dot. This is a type of nail art that you can complete even in a few days. That means you can leave your dotting nail art here by applying a top coat or continue further with me.

Step 4: In the same way, I have repeated step3 and took some different colored nail paints made few more circles of dots.

Step 5: Finally, apply a top coat and your colorful dotting nail art is complete.


As I always do, I love to add some glitters, studs and rhinestones to my nails. So, I thought why not to give this simple dotting nail art a glittery look. I have added a few rhinestones in the mid of dot circles at the place of the white dot.

As I had not painted nail art on the ring finger nail, so I thought to add some glitters on this nail.

I hope you enjoyed my green dotting nail art. I will be back soon with my another DIY nail art :)