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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Yellow Half Moon Sponge Nail Art Tutorial

Hello Folks, today I thought to take the sponge nail art technique to the next level of the gradient. Previously, we used this nail art technique to create basic gradient nail art design and background for beautiful sponge nail art tutorial. So, today I planned to create half moon DIY nail art design with sponge technique.

Let us start the tutorial. I hope you will enjoy it.

Things Requires:

It is always suggested to collect all required things for nail art at a place for ease in work.

  1. Nail polish colors: yellow, orange.
  2. Top coat (preferably fast drying). 
  3. Rhinestones
  4. Nail Art pen: black and silver.
  5. Some circular stickers

Steps for Nail Art: 

First of all clean your nails and remove old nail polish with remover. An easy tip to keep your nails strong and healthy is to use olive oil and massage your nails whenever you change nail polish.

Step 1: Now, apply yellow nail polish for the base of your sponge nail art. I would like to recommend you to apply two coats for fine base of your nail art. Let it dry completely. You can use nail polish dryer for quick work.

Step 2: Once your base is dried, now paste a circular sticker on your nails as shown in the picture. You can cut paper tape into circular shape or buy stickers from any stationary. Do paste sticker on your hand 2-3 times to reduce its stickiness. Otherwise, it will lift off your nail polish when you will remove it.

Step 3: Next step is to take a plastic sheet or surface and apply some orange and yellow nail polish on it as shown in the picture. Now, mix it with toothpick and take the impression on a sponge piece.

Step 4: Apply the sponge on your nail as shown in the picture. Repeat it if required. Let it dry.

Step 5: Now, remove circular stickers from your nails and apply top coat and your yellow half moon sponge nail art is ready.


You can make some additions to your DIY sponge nail art. I have added a black bow on the third finger nail. Do some practice before trying it on your nail for fine and clean work. You can use black nail art pen for ease in your work.

How about silver dots with 5*2 way nail art dotting tool around black bow?

You can also add some rhinestones on your nails for a chic look.

I hope you like my yellow half moon sponge nail art tutorial. Share it with your friends and family...:)