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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Silver And Green Striping Tape Nail Art With Floral Print

This striping tape nail art tutorial is perfect to give a cool look to simple looking nail art. You can create sharp, straight and clean lines with this tutorial. It is a beginner level nail art and any one can create it without practice.

Things required:

For this nail art, you have to collect few important things required:

Steps for Nail Art:

Before starting, you need to make some preparation as follows:

  • Cut 20 small strips of striping tape. These stripes must be a little bit longer than your nails.

First of all, clean your nails with the remover if there is any old nail polish applied.

Step 1: Now, apply silver nail paint. I would suggest you to apply two coats of this nail paint to give a finishing effect to your nail art base. Let your nail paint base dry completely so that you can get best result.

Step 2: Now, apply pieces of striping tapes on your nails as shown in the picture. Try to keep the distance between two stripes equivalent to give a professional look.

Step 3: We will use sponge nail art technique for this step. You can simply apply nail polish with brush but I prefer sponge effect mainly because it dries quickly and we don't need to wait before proceeding with next step.

Step 4: Now, remove striping tape carefully from your nails. Do not hurry and try to remove striping tapes before nail paint dries. It will spoil all of your efforts. So, let it dry.

Step 5: Finally, apply top coat to lock your nail art and make it long lasting. It will also enhance the look of your nail art by giving a shiny look and professional touch.

Some Additions:

As you can see, I have created floral print on thumb and third finger nail to give a unique touch. You can also add rhinestones in the middle of flowers to give a jewel look.

I hope you liked my silver and green striping tape nail art. If you are not in India, then you can buy striping tape from ebay International. I would like to hear suggestions..:)