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Thursday, 27 June 2013

My First Attempt to Tribal Nail Art

Hello Folks, today I am back with a tribal nail art design. A few days ago, I was surfing internet for some new inspiration for my DIY nail art collection and found tribal nail art is quite popular these days. I have tried almost all DIY nail art techniques including dotting nail art, striping nail art, stamping and ombre nail art. So, thought to try something new.

Here I want to share my first attempt for tribal nail art and I would say the results are awesome. Anyhow, not satisfactory for me. So, let's start how to make tricky looking tribal nail art easy..!!

Things Required:

As always suggested, collect all required things at a place where you are going to try your nail art.

  1. Some colorful nail polish: pink, yellow, green, red and blue.
  2. Black nail art pen.
  3. Nail dotting tool. (I bought from ebay India)
  4. Top coat (preferably fast drying).

Steps For Tribal Nail Art:

First of all, remove old nail polish with good quality remover.

Step 1: The first step is to apply different nail polish colors for the base of your nail art. I have applied five different nail polish colors to give a trendy look. I have selected all bright colors so that my design pop out.
You can select single color for your nail art. It's all depending upon you. Let it dry before proceeding.

Step 2: Now, draw some horizontal lines with nail art pen, as shown in the photo. You can do it with your own idea as per your design.

Step 3: Next step is to make some lines, zig-zag and crosses in few lines. Take an idea from the design.

Step 4: Here is the final step. Take the nail art dotting tool. I have bought from ebay India as these tools are now available for direct selling in India. Add some dots with the nail dotting tool in the rest of the area.

Step 5: Apply fast drying top coat and lock your nail art for long lasting look.

I hope you like my colorful tribal nail art tutorial. Share it with your friends and family...:)