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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Green and Pink Half moon striping tape nail art

Previously, I had shown you a tutorial on purple and blue striping tape nail art. Today, I am back with another nail art with tape design. Striping tape nail art is one of the easiest DIY nail art technique and a beginner can easily do it.

This nail art can take a little bit longer time as application of several coats of nail polish can take 1-2 hours to dry completely. Its great if you have fast drying top coat or nail paint dryer.

Green and Pink Half moon striping tape nail art

I hope you will like my nail art tutorial.

Things required:
  • Nail polish colors: pink and green
  • Top coat (fast dry optional)
  • Striping tape (buy from eBay India)
  • Circular Nail guides stickers or tape cuttings
Steps for Nail art:

Before you start, you need to do some preparation.
  • Cut 5 small half-circular tapes
  • Cut 15-20 pieces of striping tape equivalent to your nail length.
These tapes will help in creating your nail art design by covering different sections of your nails

green nail art
Step 1: First of all, apply two coats of green nail polish and let it dry completely. Do not do hurry at this step, otherwise result will not be satisfactory.

striping tape nail art
Step 2: Now, stick half-circular tape to your nails as shown in the picture. Reduce the stickiness of tape by pressing it on hand for few times. Otherwise, it will tape away your nail polish. Then, paste three-four pieces of striping tape on your nails.

striping tape nail art
Step 3: Now, apply pink nail polish on your nails carefully. Do not apply thick layer of pink nail polish because it will take more time in drying. Let it dry completely, only then remove tape from your nails.

Half moon nail art
Step 4: Here is the final result. Apply top coat to lock your nail art and keep it for long term.

Some Additions:

Green and Pink Half moon striping tape nail artYou can add-on some glitter or rhinestones to your nail art. I have added some glitters on the half moon on this nail art. Remove extra glitters and lock it with top coat for long lasting.

Green and Pink Half moon striping tape nail art

I hope you liked my Green and Pink Half moon striping tape nail art. I would like to hear suggestions..:)