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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Golden Blue Striping Tape Nail Art

Hello Folks, another day with striping tape nail art. Last time, I had shared digital striping tape nail art. That was one of my favorite  nail art that is a combination of colorful pattern and striping tape. Today, I am back with a golden blue striping tape nail art.

So, let's start this nail art tutorial.

Things Required:

First of all, collect all required products with you for the ease of your nail art work.

  1. Nail polish colors: Golden and blue.
  2. Striping tape (I bought from ebay India).
  3. A small piece of tape with half-circle cutting (you can do by yourself with ease).
  4. Top coat (preferably fast drying).

Steps For Nail Art:

Step 1: Primarily, apply blue nail polish on the third finger nail. My suggestion is to apply two coat for the base of your nail polish and let it dry completely. Now, apply tape with half circle on your nail, as shown in the photo.
Now, take a golden nail polish and cover half circle, as shown in the photo. Then, remove tape from your nail.

Step 2: Now, let's move to striping tape nail art part. We will make a contrast nail art and apply two coats of golden nail polish on the rest of the nails. Let it dry completely.

Step 3: Then, take small pieces of striping tape and paste of your nails as shown in the photo. You can create your own pattern as well.

Step 4: Now, apply blue nail polish carefully on your nails. Try to prevent cuticles for a clean nail art. Let it dry properly.

Step 5: Finally, remove striping tape and apply top coat for long lasting nail art.


You can apply rhinestones to give an extraordinary look to nail art and mesmerize everyone.

I hope you liked my Golden Blue striping tape nail art. If you are not in India, then you can buy striping tape from ebay International. I would like to hear suggestions..:)