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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Yellow Black Striping Tape and Polka Dot Nail Art

One of the most common current fashion trend is nail art. You can easily create DIY nail art, provided if you are creative and have keen interest in it. Today's fashion involves ornaments, exotic apparels as well as mesmerizing nail decors.

During ancient times, bees wax, gelatin, juices from trees and gum Arabic were used to color nails. but these days, there is a long list of options available with style and perfection. If we talk about professional nail art then they are expensive as well as you have to go to a saloon for it and it is not possible in hurry.

So, why not learn for easy yet stunning DIY nail art techniques. The easiest method of nail art can be done with help of striping tape. If you are creative then you can easily create numerous designs and patterns with striping tape.

Previously, I had shown you ombre nail art for gradient finish. In this tutorial, I will explain you a step by step tutorial for DIY nail art that will not take more than 5 minutes.

Lets start first with cleaning and nourishing your nails with olive oil. Then, apply base coat for better look.

Now, I used yellow nail polish for base of my nail art. It is a bright yellow color. I always prefer bright colors for base of my nail art. They give a mesmerizing look to my nail art. Your nail art base must be completely dry. You can use ice-cold water for quick drying your nail polish. Just put your fingers in ice-cold water for few seconds and your nail polish will be hard dry.

Yellow Black Striping Tape and Polka Dot Nail Art

Next step is to use a nail art dotting tool for the polka dots on your nails. I bought them from eBay India. I have used black nail polish for polka dots. You can use any other nail polish color for it that goes with your outfit.

Polka dot nail art

Don't worry if your polka dots are not perfect. Perfection takes time and whatever you wear, is a fashion. Let your nail polish dry.

Now, take some striping tape and apply on your third nail in horizontal direction and keep the difference unequal. Have a look. You can use striping tape case for easy use.

striping tape nail art

Now, apply black nail polish on your third finger carefully. I do prefer thin nail polish for striping nail art because they give better result. It must look like this:

Striping tape nail art

Let your black nail polish completely dry. Otherwise the result will not be as good as we expect. Once your nail polish is dried then remove striping tapes carefully from your third nail. The result will be amazing like:

polka dot nails

Once you are done with it, then apply top coat to give lustrous finish to your nail art. It will add-on a shine and perfection to your nails.

dot nail designs

So friends how you like this polka dot nail art. Please share your views and suggestion with me.