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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Purple and Blue Striping Tape Nail Art

Designer nails can actually give you a chic and fashionable look. You can experiment different nail art designs and colors according to the changing season. Of course, professional nail art is professional, but you can also try DIY nail art designs at home with your friends. Yes, you will require some inexpensive nail tools like striping tape, dotting tool, pens, glitters and how we can forget about swarovski and rhinestones. With the time and practice, you will become perfect with your nail art designs and able to create any complex design easily.
Striping Tape Nail Art

Even I am a learner and I tried this striping tape nail art. So, I thought to share it with my friends.

For this nail art, we will require:
  1. Purple and Blue matte nail polish colors
  2. Matte light purple nail polish color
  3. Pink Glittery nail polish color
  4. Striping tape (I bought from eBay India)
  5. Nail Rhinestones
  6. Top coat
As I say in my every nail art tutorial, do clean and nourish your nails with olive oil. Whenever you change your nail polish, do give a 5 minute massage to your nails. It will keep your nails strong without cosmetic products.

Now, apply matte blue and purple nail polish on your nails. Apply two coats of both nail polish. It will create the perfect base for your nail art.

Purple Nails

Let your nail polish dry completely. There is no benefit of moving ahead because results will not be good if your nail polish is not completely dried. So, give sometime and let it dry first. You can also keep your fingers in ice-cold water for few seconds. It will dry your nail polish quickly.

Blue Nails

Now, apply striping tape to your nails. I have used silver striping tape nail art, you can use any color for it. Keep the size of striping tape a bit longer on all fingers, except middle finger. You have to keep its size almost equal to your nail size.

Next step is to apply contrast nail polish on your nails but keep your middle finger nail as it is. On middle finger nail, we will apply pink glitter and light pink matte nail polish, as you can see in the photo. Let your nail polish dry completely for better result.

Striping Tape Nails

 After this, you have to remove striping tape from all nails carefully, not middle finger nail. Now, with the help of glue (use top coat or base coat for sticking rhinestones) paste some rhinestones on your nails. If you don't have rhinestones, then you can leave your nails as it is. It is an additional step to enhance the look of your nails. I have used pink stone for middle finger and white for rest. You can try something else as well.

The final step is to finalize your nail art i.e. apply top coat. Top coat helps in keeping your nail art long lasting and give shiny and chic look to your nails.

Striping Tape Nail Art

So friends how you like my striping tape nail art. Please share your views and suggestion with me.